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SMS Gateway And Its Advantages For A Business’s Marketing

Modern businesses today face an uphill battle towards success and thus need every tool and strategy at their disposal to make the climb much easier and more efficient. One of the key areas where these must be applied is in their marketing, which requires them to be aggressive and strategic to beat their competitors. 

One such tool that can be a difference-maker in marketing is an SMS gateway in Singapore. While SMS messaging has been around for ages now and many people still preferring it to other communication mediums, businesses should not overlook it as a primary marketing tool that is one of the most effective types of mobile marketing today. Below, we cover why organisations should incorporate an SMS gateway into their customer communications platform.

1. Highest reliability

As a mature technology that has existed and continuously developed for more than 25 years, SMS messaging boasts robust reliability and stability, making it a good platform in digital marketing. There are little to no issues with spam and undelivered messages, and businesses can rest assured that their customers will receive every message they send. What’s more, the control element provided by an SMS gateway simplifies the process of monitoring all aspects of SMS campaigns.

2. Cost effective

At present, mobile advertising can take up to 75% of the entire budget allocated for digital advertising. This money is often spent on fancy-sounding marketing strategies and tools that deliver spotty results. In contrast, SMS marketing is one of, if not the most cost-effective form of marketing that is made more attractive by its phenomenal 99% open rates with messages read within just 3 minutes, generating immediate ROI for businesses.

3. Swift delivery

Another critical element when sending messages is delivering them to clients as quickly as possible. For instance, running a time-limited promotion or offer means businesses naturally want their customers to know about it and act immediately. If these campaigns are only available for a very short time to evoke that sense of urgency like flash sales, having late notifications can prove disastrous for the business. An SMS gateway prevents this by providing a dedicated channel to the target audience that is highly optimised for the fastest possible delivery speeds, ensuring SMS messages arrive near instantaneously the moment they are sent.

4. Highly accessible

SMS messaging is a universal platform accessible to all with a mobile phone, be it a legacy model that still works on today’s cellular network technology or the latest smartphone in the market. This means more than 95% of people have access to SMS, unlike popular messaging apps that may either be blocked in certain regions or simply unavailable due to the technological limitations of devices.


By adopting an SMS gateway solution, organisations can take advantage of the most effective, reliable, and accessible digital marketing platform to date. From improved tracking and visibility to greater flexibility and other unmatched business benefits, it is no wonder that virtually every industry uses an SMS gateway in their operations.

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