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4 ways to remain productive while working from home

Working from home, especially during the growing global panic, has its perks. For starters, it feels great to wake up and not worry about getting infected during the long, crazy commute to the office. While countries are in lock-down and members of the workforce are forced to retreat into their homes to work remotely, it is easy to be distracted and become less productive while working.

Here are 4 ways you can remain productive when working from home:

1. Reduce distractions at your working space

Make sure that you’re carved out a quiet and professional space far away from kids and pets. Unnecessary interruptions break your concentration resulting in poor productivity. While you save on travel time as well as cut down on the unnecessary chit chat at the water cooler, make sure that nothing else at home engages you in idle chatter as well.

2. Track your work progress with free productivity apps

Youtube and other online entertainment websites are also a distraction. Make sure that you’re not tempted by making a clear to-do list on online productivity trackers such as Asana and Trello. While folks who work from home enjoy the flexibility of working however they like, ensure that you fulfil the list that you have set out for yourself for the day.

3. Take breaks in-between working hours to keep your mind focused and fresh

Staying at home all the time can be daunting – especially for people who thrive on human interactions each day. As such, do ensure you get some light exercises each day. Do a short march around the house, some stretches, or sit and balance on a gym ball to work those core muscles. A little workout is necessary to get your blood flowing and your mind alert.

4. Ensure your IT security is enhanced

Simply put, passwords can be hacked. If you’re handling private and confidential information for your company, hackers may be able to get access and steal your data if your password isn’t strong enough.

According to a recent report by Reuters, the recent move to work-from-home has put a strain in IT resources, and it is harder to keep up especially when cybercriminals are consistently making attempts to phish for passwords.

As such, implementing a 2-Factor Authentication system is a great solution in providing an extra layer of security. Instead of being issued with tokens, sendQuick’s Conexa sends a one-time password (OTP) to users via mobile devices, thus verifying users before giving them access to the data.

Given the climate of panic and uncertainty, having a proper system in place at home is important in ensuring both your productivity and data security. While it can be challenging to maintain a professional working environment at home, having poor IT security could actually cause massive financial damage to the business. It is therefore important for companies to stay ahead of hackers by implementing the necessary protection to prevent a financial disaster caused by data theft.