Singpass Login and SendQuick implements seamless Multifactor Authentication for top-grade business cybersecurity.

9 Sept 2022

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SINGAPORE, Sept. 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — As digitization receives overwhelming adoption with the advancement of technology and businesses grow more international and mobile, cyberattacks on corporate networks have been on the rise. Lately more than ever, company data security has become necessary and important for businesses across all industries and the globe. With the digital space comes its promise of limitless possibilities – the good and the bad. How can businesses go on ensuring its cybersecurity without fuss, to focus their energy on what matters most in their business’ flourish?

SendQuick Pte Ltd has found an affordable and seamless solution in its latest product – the SendQuick ConeXa!


SendQuick ConeXa is the latest homegrown solution in Authentication and Authorization Technology from SendQuick Pte Ltd alongside its suite of IT product solutions across industries such as Banking, Healthcare, Hospitality, and Real Estate, to name a few.

Lately, most companies would make do with just SSL VPN / IPSec in order to secure remote access on their networks. SendQuick ConeXa takes it a step further with its Multifactor Authentication System and, with its latest tie-up with Singpass Login, incorporates the use of National Digital IDs as an added channel of authentication.

All in all, SendQuick ConeXa’s hassle-free approach is agentless and uses existing software on mobile devices, and provides a simplified all-in-one Multifactor Authentication for all its users through these channels: Email OTP, Soft Token, Hard Token, and most recently Singpass Login.


With its sights set on bringing cybersecurity to the next level through making onboarding processes seamless across all businesses, the team behind SendQuick ConeXa developed an integration with Singapore’s national digital identity, Singpass, to further improve the authentication system within ConeXa.

SendQuick ConeXa is one of the first systems to bring Singpass verification to your everyday office network within the internal corporate network access sphere – digital security will not get any finer than this!

Mr. JS Wong, CEO of SendQuick Pte Ltd on ConeXa’s integration of Singpass Login:

“Accessing company resources securely is very important to all companies, especially with the pervasive Work From Home (WFH) arrangement adopted by all companies.

Finding a convenient way to log in to the office network securely is important and SendQuick Pte Ltd is pleased to bring Singpass Login, an accessible and established authentication gateway to all SSL VPN and IPSec users.

Using SendQuick Conexa and Singpass Login, companies access their office network in a Secure, Easy and Convenient way with any SSL VPN brands in the market. We are bringing a hassle-free onboarding experience to all companies.”


The visionary behind ConeXa is Mr. JS Wong, Founder and CEO of SendQuick Pte Ltd. Since starting SendQuick Pte Ltd in 2001, together with its co-founders, the company has maintained its goal of providing enterprise messaging solutions for businesses to strengthen and improve productivity in the workplace through its various models under the SendQuick brand – ConeXa, Alert Plus, Avera, Entera, and Sqoope.

At the heart of the company sits one main focus, and it is to introduce advanced cybersecurity technology seamlessly to the masses without the fuss of learning new technological jargons. To bridge the gap for all businesses, making the process of attaining cyber security straightforward and easy.

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