TalariaX sees new opportunities in the IT and mobility solutions industry in its 20th year anniversary

5 Jul 2021

Increased IT usage, rapid digital transformation and remote working are some of the growth factors for TalariaX in its next milestone

Singapore, 5 July, 2021 – This July, TalariaX is celebrating its 20th year anniversary with an optimistic outlook of the growth trends in the IT and mobility solutions industry. 

Since its entry into the industry in 2001, TalariaX has stayed dedicated to its mission of providing mobility solutions that revolutionises the way organisations communicate information across different stakeholder levels. As the world grows increasingly digital, the team at TalariaX has observed that mobility solutions are no longer a good-to-have technology, but a must-have for companies across different industries. 

At the turn of the new decade, the Covid-19 pandemic created a new set of challenges for companies that will outlast the pandemic itself. Moving forward, more companies will have to adapt to new modes of communication not only to serve its customers online, but to monitor and maintain its digital infrastructure as well. 

“Today, companies are challenged with finding the right solution that integrates with their existing systems. They need to have the agility to upgrade legacy IT systems, and build new elements to its infrastructure. An operation of this scale requires the leadership and IT team to be committed to the digital transformation mission for the company,” said Mr JS Wong, CEO of TalariaX. 

As TalariaX enters its next phase of growth, the team sees new opportunities in the IT and mobility solutions space. Coordinating communications with remote working staff from different countries, monitoring the Cloud environment, and enabling 2-way communications with customers are some of the solutions offered by TalariaX which will be instrumental for business operations in a post-Covid world.  

“We would like to thank our clients and partners for their unwavering support over the last 20 years. As we continue the fight against the spread of Covid-19, TalariaX is committed to supporting our clients to help them tide through the difficult business transitions they have to make.

As solution providers, one of our core beliefs is to provide excellent customer service to help our clients integrate the solutions seamlessly. We pride ourselves in our strong foundation in customer service, and will continue to bring in cutting-edge digital solutions to serve our clients better,” said Mr JS Wong.

About TalariaX Pte Ltd

TalariaX™ develops and offers enterprise mobile messaging solutions for improving business workflow and productivity. Our range of business mobile messaging solutions is geared towards helping companies to easily deploy messaging solutions for all enterprise applications. They include IT Alerts & Notifications, Secure Remote Access via 2-Factor Authentication, Emergency & Broadcast Messaging, Business Process Automation and System Availability Monitoring. 

Our key product, sendQuick, is an enterprise grade messaging gateway, available on appliances, virtual machines and cloud services. sendQuick is used by over 2,500 corporations, including many Fortune Global 500 companies, in 50 countries across various industry verticals. 

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