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Protecting Your Business During the Pandemic with Timely Alert Notifications

With a majority of the citizens in Singapore locked down within the safety of their own homes, effective and timely transmission of official information is crucial to ensure that life runs smoothly whether in terms of national security or business operations. Remote working, for example, has since been an uncomfortable necessity for many businesses, and some IT support may find that they are ill-prepared to handle the vast influx of requests both for staff and customers given the mandate given by the government to stay at home.

Why focus on timely alert notifications?

Alert notification has worked wonders in the preservation of public safety. In South Korea, for instance, emergency texts from the government to keep its citizens updated on critical information. By utilising mass mobile messages and installation of tech within the mobile network, the country is able to connect with millions of people per day.

In an interview with CNN Business, Dr. Fred Muench, the president of the US-based Center on Addiction, confirms that these SMSes in the public health sector are the most effective methods in terms of reach and speed of communication. It also offers the authorities a chance to collate data and use the information garnered to get on top of critical issues founded.

Timely alert notifications, in the case of South Korea, are crucial for the nation’s success in preserving the safety of an entire country in ways where other developed countries and economies have failed rather severely.

How can we translate this success story into our business operations?

Speed is of essence when sending out time-sensitive information. Unfortunately, the average business depends mostly on emails or phone calls in times of crisis. When this happens, information may get distorted and not communicated properly. Imagine a business that is struggling with working remotely suddenly having issues with their IT servers. Then imagine the frantic emails and phone calls that staff and customers may send to an IT manager – not only would this result in a complete obstruction of work, but the impact could mean a financial disaster for the company.

Your IT Manager needs to know exactly what happened, how it happened, who is in charge of fixing it and then communicating clear instructions to staff. This cannot be done easily through simple emails. As such, there is where Alert Notification Systems come in handy.

Is it worth subscribing to these notification systems?

Businesses who depend on quick and accurate dissemination of information find value in embracing such a system. Short, concise messages are far more valuable than a string of emails that might not get the attention it deserves because it is buried under thousands of spam messages.

sendQuick’s alert notification systems, for example, helps IT personnels respond better in the event an issue pops up within the company. Sending instant alerts via SMS to the respective parties within the organisation anywhere and anytime helps reduce downtime and help businesses protect themselves in times of severe uncertainties.

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