3 Quick Steps to Automate PRTG SMS Alerts via SendQuick

Do you need to send automated SMS notification or alerts from your system monitoring tool?

In today’s QuickTip, we will use PRTG Network Monitor as an example to show how you can easily integrate your system with SendQuick to automate SMS Alerts in just 3 steps.

Step 1 – Add SendQuick webhook URL

On the PRTG dashboard, navigate to:

Setup > System Administration > Notification Delivery > SMS Delivery

Enter the following webhook URL in the Custom URL field: 

(Replace <SendQuickIP> with the IP address of your SendQuick system)

Step 2 – Add Phone Number in PRTG Notification Template

To automate the SMS notification and alert process, create a “Notification Template” and activate the “Send To SMS/Pager Message” option and add the phone number to receive the SMS.

Step 3 – Link Notification Trigger with Template

Finally, associate the “Notification Trigger” of devices or sensors to the template configured previously. Now any conditions that meet this trigger for the device or sensor, will send SMS Alert via SendQuick. And that’s it, you have configured the automated SMS Alert!

You can integrate PRTG with SendQuick using other methods such as Email-to-SMS, SNMP Trap-to-SMS or Syslog to SMS.

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If you happen to use other systems and wonder if they can also integrate with SendQuick, drop us an email at marketing@sendquick.com