Maximise SendQuick’s Messaging Capability

Do you know that SendQuick can send notification to other channels besides SMS or even send SMS text messages without needing a modem?

More than just an SMS Gateway, SendQuick is a comprehensive Notification Management Platform with rich features such as email filters, address book, rostering, escalation and omni-channel messaging.

Today’s “QuickTip” will focus on highlighting the various messaging capability of SendQuick.

1 – OMNI-CHANNEL Messaging

Besides SMS messages, sendQuick now has the capability to send messages to social messaging platform such as Whatsapp, Telegram, WeChat, Messenger, LINE, Viber, Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex and Slack.

2 –Modem with SIM Card

This traditional method is still the most popular because it is more secure and allows out-of-band notification that requires no Internet access.

3 – SMS Cloud via API

If your requirement is to send high volume of messages (fast delivery) and to customise your Caller ID (your own NAME], this solution will suit you best.

4 – SMPP Messaging

SendQuick can support SMPP3.4 as well.

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