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Stay On Top of Remote Incident Response During the Pandemic

The cost of IT downtime and data breaches adversely affects businesses both large and small. The recent downtime with Gmail, for example, has caused disruptions across the globe and interfered with business operations and working professionals ability to do their daily tasks. This detrimentally affects its users, specifically those struggling with the current COVID pandemic and working from home.

Such a large and prolific company like Google / Gmail are considered an essential service during these times, and the number of users still gravitating towards their services may not be as adversely impacted as the average business. For the rest of the companies that do not command a sizable influence over a large portion of the world’s population, IT downtime could spell disaster, resulting in a huge loss of revenue and customer base.

How do we therefore ensure that we keep IT disruptions to the minimum?

IT disruptions will happen – and it is unfortunately a matter of when and how. If Google, with their infinite resources and top tier security could falter from time to time, so could we. It is thus crucial for companies to receive information on potential issues that might arise in real-time to at least mitigate the losses that could happen should there be a hiccup to our IT services.

A “bird’s eye view” into the affected IT environment is thus an important service to incorporate in any aspect of businesses. Whether they are related to customer service, operations, marketing, or finance, there is now a pressing need for companies to maintain continuous network uptime to ensure that they stay profitable and credible especially given the dire situation that the nation has seen itself plunged into.

This can be done with an IT alert notification platform. sendQuick’s IT notifications has become an integral part of IT incident management. It has the ability to work with any network management system and sends out notifications via our preferred devices and social messaging platforms (SMS, WhatsApp and Telegram for instance).

Imagine being informed, in real-time, for any part of the system that performs suboptimally or experiencing unplanned downtime – this is undoubtedly a game-changer for businesses hoping to preserve their image and provide the best services for their customer base.

How can sendQuick help?

“IT Alert” is a prominent feature in all sendQuick product models, each customised to suit your organisation’s needs. We have worked with major companies such as Rasa Sentosa, for example, a world-class standard resort that needs to be provided with 24 hr updates on critical issues within their IT infrastructure. Given the size of their business as well as the reputation they must uphold, there is a pressing need for their IT engineers to be informed anytime and anywhere of potential IT issues in their organisation.

sendQuick therefore removes their reliance on slow and outdated email notifications, integrating seamlessly into their IT infrastructure. We enhanced email alerts, converting them into SMS that are sent out immediately to their key engineers to ensure limited downtime and that issues are handled immediately.

To learn more about how sendQuick can help, contact us.