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Four Ways SMS Alerts Help Minimize Network Downtime

Here’s why you should use SMS to minimize network downtime

We know that when there is a network failure or critical event, employees, especially those in the IT team, need to be alerted instantly to reduce the outage and minimize resulting losses and reputation damage. Many companies send out emails alerting them of the incident. But are email alerts efficient enough to do the job? Critical information can get buried under other emails, bounce back or go to spam. Whereas, 90% recipients read an SMS text within minutes of delivery.

If you are using your mobile for texting than why use email for delivering critical alerts?

Employees can be notified instantly using SMS text alerts. Here are four ways SMS alerts help reduce network downtime enabling the IT team to respond faster thereby boosting IT responsiveness and productivity:

  1. SMS alerts can reach all mobile users worldwide, independent of the data network
  2. Urgent and actionable alerts are delivered instantly to the IT team ensuring faster response
  3. SMS text is not limited by proprietary software ensuring quick dispatch
  4. SMS texts are largely immune from spam and malware

There are many solutions in the market. Here’s why you should choose sendQuick:

sendQuick has a range of solutions which address critical business needs including, privacy and confidentiality, secure remote access, business process automation, marketing & emergency broadcasting and system availability monitoring.

It is available on the following platforms:

1) Appliance
2) Cloud
3) Virtual Machine
4) Hosted

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