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Send SMS alerts to minimize network downtime

Unplanned system downtime can lead to revenue losses and reputation damage for enterprises. Risks associated with downtime need to be mitigated immediately to prevent it from developing into a crisis or full-blown disaster.

If you are the head of the IT department, the said scenario is a nightmare, especially, if you work in a large organization. You will be flooded with calls and emails from all other departments for a quick resolution. How do you notify your employees in the most efficient way minimizing the fallout from the outage?

There are different means of notifying employees about a network failure. You can notify them via SMS, Email or Phone call. Let’s compare the different ways of notifying employees:


Reach RateImmediate(if the mobile phone is on)Sends instantly but can take time to be downloaded from the email serverInstant
Read Rate90%* recipients read it within minutes of deliverySends instantly but can take time to be downloaded from the email serverDepending on whether the call picks up
UsabilityUniversal(not limited by proprietary software)Universal(not limited by proprietary software)Universal



Very high as a user will always have his phone around him. Also independent of data and Wi-FiLimited or no access to emails when on the move .Need Wi-Fi to access emailsVery high as the person will have his phone around
BackupLimited. Difficult to reference for future recordsHelps in looking up items saved for future referenceNo backup possible
Bulk  SendingCan send out bulk messagesCan send out bulk messagesCan only call very limited user at a time
MalwareNot susceptible to virus or malwarePrimary medium of spreading malware through infected files or to links malicious websitesMost secure way of reaching someone
SpamHigh spam rateHigh spam rateHigh spam rate
Business Critical InformationSends urgent and actionable alerts instantlyPossibility of critical information being lost among other emails in the mailboxCan relay urgent information instantly (depending on whether the caller picks up)
Time-sensitive InformationSends information quickly with immediate high response rateEmails tend to be missed out especially when system downtime occurs. Response can be slowThe fastest way to communicate information (depending on whether the caller picks up) downtime occurs. Response can be slow
CostCopy of implementing is marginally higher than emailNot much investment required to set up emailLow cost as phone is owned by the user or company provided
2-way CommunicationYesYesYes
IntrusiveLess IntrusiveLess IntrusiveVery intrusive as in case of desk phones they have to be acted up before resuming work


Benefits of using SMS as a notification tool:

  1. Automates the process of communicating critical alerts instantly to end users enabling corrective action in time.
  2. 2-way Alerts from IP addressable infrastructure (both IT/ non-IT), Third Party Applications and Users across the Enterprise
  3. Cost-Efficient and effective independent of internet connectivity