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How Smart IT Alert Management Systems Achieve Real Savings

Smart IT alert management lets enterprises select who among their IT teams will be immediately notified when an alert pops up and how to address them, which consistently maintains alert thresholds for their entire IT infrastructure. Alerts that come with an action item communication must only reach those who need to and are qualified to act on the alert through SMS, email, or other channels. Without a proper alert management system, alert fatigue gradually catches up to people, and they begin to ignore alerts, especially if the critical ones that need immediate action get lost in the sea of unnecessary notifications.

Consolidated and comprehensive alerting

The main cause of alert fatigue is redundant or repetitive alerts. According to a study, the recipient’s attention level decreased by 30% with each subsequent reminder of the same alert.  Essentially, your employees will pay better attention if these alerts are consolidated, and the recurrence of notifications is minimised where it is practical to do so.

If properly configured, alerts that pop up will generally be critical, while those that are incorrectly designed may be more detrimental than having none at all. Thorough alerting ensures that the organisation’s many tools do not generate alert noise that most staff may not fully understand and cannot always respond to properly. 

Different alarm systems will generally have their own protocol for polling their devices. In addition, they almost always use proprietary user interfaces that may establish unnecessary silos in an organisation’s security and network management operation.

An alert management system that is equipped with the feature of not sending the same alerts repeatedly for a period of time will help to reduce alert fatigue. This is because it prevents recipients from becoming desensitised and used to ignoring important alerts. When people do not develop a decreased response to situations that should not be considered normal, your business may continue to operate smoothly – reducing the probability of financial losses from disrupted operations. 

Getting the right people notified 

Every IT department has various needs when it comes to notifications. But there is always one thing that is necessary — the correct team or employee must be given the right information in order to anticipate difficulties beforehand or to be able to act promptly in an emergency. 

An intelligent IT alert management system equipped with email policy filters and rostering features can help improve various incident response tasks, such as estimating how long an incident will be resolved or how long it takes to find a resolution and, most importantly, reducing the time needed to close an issue. This is because these features allow you to input the intended recipients into the address books, ensuring that the right alerts will be sent to the right people.  Such insights will help resolve issues as soon as possible, minimising the financial impact such complications may have on your business.

Incident escalation policies

Incident escalation is what happens when an employee is unable or unavailable to address an incident and must delegate the job to a more qualified or experienced employee.

Smart IT alert management systems allow you to set up rules that instruct the system to escalate an incident automatically if the first or main recipient does not acknowledge an alert notification within a certain time frame. Having such a feature in place ensures that significant events or critical issues will be addressed by someone, and that the appropriate teams are informed. This clarifies the incident response procedure for your staff, reduces downtime and alert fatigue, as well as boosts efficiency. 


No matter how resourceful an organisation is, an intelligent alert management system can always help to introduce greater productivity as well as real cost savings at the same time, as covered above. 

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